Adult Groups

A group outing? Event ?

We are listening to you !

Quotation on demand for your events.

Personalized programs according to your expectations, based on a day or half a day.

Minimum 15 adult participants.

Our site is open to you from May to September 2020 so that you could access to all of our services, only by reservation:

  • Playful vine
  •  Swin-Golf    Escape Game
  •  Treasure hunt
  •  Tasting
  •  Guided Tour (Depending on the period) *

*Visit to the distillery and cellars from November to December

Please contact us as soon as possible for any reservation request.

Children / School

To allow children to discover the vine cycle and the profession of winemaker, we organize harvest days (mid-September to mid-October) as well as days visiting the Distillery and cellars, from September to November. 

During our harvest period, explanations on the growth of the vine are provided to children. We also provide a simplified educational sheet (adapted according to age). Afterwards, departure to the vines for manual haverst!

Concerning the visit of the Distillery and the Cellars: An educational moment on the conception and the know-how of Pineau des Charentes and Cognac. Two intergenerational and emblematic products of our territory.

In addition and depending on the period, you can combine several activities including our course in The Playful Vine or our Swin-Golf.

(Contact us for reservations, prices and terms)

A garden is available for picnics all together!

You can also picnic in the orchard of the Enchanted Cep.

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